The Luminous Spirit Tarot

A Moon Magic Tarot App and Deck

Harness the cycles of the moon to guide you to achieving your desires.
Learn how to use tarot alongside the moon phases with our app and printed deck.

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Hand drawn by artist Tina Gong. Crafted with Care, Love and Humbleness. Complete with holographic foil backing and sturdy cardboard box.

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The Luminous Spirit App guides you through tarot readings and full moon spells, new moon spells and moon magic.

Use Moon Magic to Set Intentions

The moon's phases are a powerful metaphor for all natural cycles. Acting alongside the moon's phases can strengthen the bond between you and your world.

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Get tarot readings for every moon phase: new moon tarot readings, full moon tarot readings and others.

Tarot Spreads for Every Phase

With each moon phase, comes a time for action, reflection, rest and more. Get readings for every stage of the cycle, and see things from a new perspective.

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